Greek Coleslaw


1 White cabbage
2 Pepper, red
1 cup  Oil (sunflower- or rape oil)
1 cup herb flavoured vinegar
1 cup NO SUGAR SUGAR Erythritol+Stevia
2 tablespoon Pink Himalaya Salz
1 teaspoon Pfeffer
500 ml Mineralwasser mit Sprudel

How it's done:

Remove the stalk from the cabbage, slice it in fine pieces and put it in a bowl. Also cut the red pepper into small strips / pieces and mix into the cabbage. Pour the cup of oil, herb vinegar and NO SUGAR SUGAR Erythritol+Stevia along with the Pink Himalayan salt over the salad. Mix all ingredients with the hands. Finally give the mineral water over the salad and mix again. Let the salad stay overnight in the refrigerator. Before serving mix again and pour off the liquid.

The coleslaw tasted like the Greeks and fits perfectly with grilled.

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