About us

Since 2013, NO SUGAR SUGAR GmbH offers products which are a natural and healthy alternative to conventional table sugar. The main focus is on the popular Erythritol+Stevia in the blue can. We love what we do and work daily to offer our customers an alternative for an unhealthy sugar consumption. Successively, we are expanding our range to include more sugar substitutes, sugar-free products or healthy food.

For a healthy diet and a figure-conscious lifestyle we increasingly offer besides the natural sugar substitute low-carb products and superfoods such as Chia seeds, almond flour or coconut sugar.            




With our suppliers, partners and service providers, we maintain an honest and trusting relationship. Our main supplier and strong partner is us our sister company and trading house Hamburg Fructose GmbH International (HFG) with years of experience in dealing with sugar substitutes. The long-standing partnerships and business relations between the HFG (www.hamburgfructose.com) and its suppliers also allows us a continuous improvement and development of products.

If any question should remain open, please contact us though our contact form.

We hope you enjoy sweetness without sugar with NO SUGAR SUGAR.