Coconut ice cream on a stick


15 g


1 TS

liquid coconut oil

270 ml

coconut milk

15 g

coconut flake

20 g

protein powder

10 g

coconut flour





3 EL

coconut oil


Dark chocolate or chocolate drops dark chocolate

That's how it's done:

Mix all the above ingredients. Sweet the cream rather a little more, since it will lose some sweetness in the frozen state.
Fill your mixture into ice moulds and put them in the ice compartment. After 30 minutes you can put the wooden sticks into it, if your ice-cream mould doesn't already have sticks.
After about one to three hours you can start melting the chocolate with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Remove the ice from the ice compartment and cover with the chocolate, wait a few seconds. If you like, you can now eat your ice cream directly or put it in your freezer again.

Hint: Remove the ice cream from the freezer about two minutes before consumption. This gives it the perfect consistency.

 © @dianalieske (instagram)

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