Cheesecake-Muffins with Blackberries


120 g NO SUGAR SUGAR Erythritol+Stevia
100 g butter
1 vanilla bean
500 g low-fat curd
1/2 lemon, juiced
600 g flour
1/2 teaspoons baking powder

how it's done:

Baking time: top and bottom heat 180°C / 30 minutes

Separate eggs; beat eggwhites until stiff. Cream together egg yolks, butter, NO SUGAR SUGAR and the inside of the vanilla bean. Mix the low-fat curd with lemon juice and stir into the egg yolk mixture. Add flour and baking powder and mix well. Lastly, carefully fold in the beaten eggwhites. 

Fill the batter into a lined muffin tin and bake. Once the baking time is over, let the muffins sit for a few minutes inside the oven. Afterwards, transfer to a wire rack and let cool.

Ramona's conclusion: I'm pleasantly surprised, the cheesecake muffins tasted exactly like they usually do with regular sugar. I noticed that while baking them, they would not turn brown on top (which is a typical characteristic of regular sugar), but that doesn't bother me at all. As mentioned, I think it's great that you can save so many calories (now you can eat 2 or 3 muffins without remorse ;) ). Another great feature is that you can substitute regular sugar one-to-one with Erythrit+Stevia and don't have to calculate.

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